Rhizomatiks Co., Ltd. celebrated its 10th anniversary on July 25th, 2016.

Our firm was incorporated in 2006, committed to effecting wide scale social change by bridging the gulf to foster collaboration between media art, industry, and business. Over the past decade, the scope of our creative output has grown in tandem with media art’s increasingly pertinent role in society.

From the initial advertising/promotion, museum, and stage theatre projects, Rhizomatiks has come to provide expertise for a diverse range of projects running the gamut from Paris Fashion Week, EXPO Milano 2015, major musician concert tours, and even educational settings to cultivate the next generation of creators.

Rhizomatiks was founded on a passion for experimentation and research in art. Now that our firm has matured and developed a strong foothold from which to contribute to humanity’s greater good, the stakes are higher than ever.

In order to provide the high level of creation married with technical expertise demanded by the decade to come, Rhizomatiks has expanded, and in July 2016, established three new divisions: Research, Architecture, and Design.

Committed to pushing the envelope of possibility, Rhizomatiks will redouble its proactive collaboration with external artists and world class scientists for a mutual sharing of expertise and inspiration to forge the unexplored creative realms that will contribute to the advancement of art and society.

As we look back with pride over a decade of groundbreaking research and expression, we also look forward to the promising partnerships that await in the years to come here at Rhizomatiks.

July 25th, 2016 Rhizomatiks Co. Ltd.

Rhizomenoun: in botany, a subterranean stem that produces
a complex network of nutrition-rich roots.

Inspired by this structural pluralism embodied by the rhizome,
Rhizomatiks was established in 2002 as a nonhierarchical, liberal,
decentralized collective.
Rhizomatiks engages in a diverse spectrum of projects
that cultivate growth through a complex nexus of
interrelationships linking place, time, physical product,
and intangible idea.
Rhizomatiks is the fertile soil,
a meeting ground where specialists connect to tackle
challenges and plant the seeds for a verdant future of
novel experiences and innovative modes of expression.
In 2016, our firm now consists of three core divisions:
Architecture, Design, and Research.

As these branches continue to flourish,
they will at times diverge and at times intersect,
all the while cultivating new, vibrant offshoots.

  • Rhizomatiks co.,ltd.

  • Main Financing Bank

    The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. Ebisu Branch

  • Executive

    Seiichi Saito, Daito Manabe, Hidenori Chiba, Motoi Ishibashi

  • Business Outline

    Web Design, Interactive Design, Graphic Design, Architect

  • Contact

    TEL : +81-3-5778-4571FAX : +81-3-5778-4572MAIL : info@rhizomatiks.com

  • Established

    Jul. 25, 2006

  • Location

    1F 2-27-7 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan,150-0011

  • Capital Fund

    ¥ 3,000,000