dates=April 19-30,2017

Hours=11:00 - 20:00 / Admission=Free


This exhibition is the first mid-career retrospective by Rhizomatiks which has consistently been exploring diverse cutting edge styles of expression with skilled engineers and highly original content varying from media arts and maker's R&D support to entertainment and advertisements. “Rhizomatiks” named after “Rhizome”, the concept of continuously multiplying horizontally, has gained worldwide publicity as a collective uniquely capable of dealing with everything from software to hardware and is highly demanded today. Last year in celebration of 10th anniversary, three departments were established: “Research” pursuing a new experimental expression based on R&D, “Design” focusing on problem solving, and “Architecture” re-examining the role of spaces. This helped us undertake more professional projects and this event will look back at our last 10 years of accomplishments and predict what will occur in the next 10 years.

Rhizomatiks Research



Rhizomatiks Research is our division dedicated to exploring new possibilities in the realms of technical and artistic expression. Focusing on media art, data art, and other RD-intensive projects,our team strives to deliver cutting edge solutions that have not yet been seen on a global stage. Rhizomatiks Research is accountable for all steps of a project,from hardware/software development up through operation. Additionally, we study the relationship between people and technology, and collaborate on projects with a myriad of creators.

Rhizomatiks Design



Rhizomatiks Design is our division dedicated to informed and rational problem solving. A department in charge of commission work using art direction focusing data as a motif for graphic expression, design consulting to discuss design strategy with the client, and using know-how and technical knowledge from working with R&D projects with Rhizomatiks Research to create new advertisement projects. The department fulfills a productional function to develop various technological expressions.

Rhizomatiks Architecture



Rhizomatiks Architecture is our division dedicated to re-envisioning how people think of approach space. By augmenting the experience of digital-technology-driven creative to the larger world of space and city, we create nonfinite buildings in a state of constant flux and evolution. Our seamless journey through initial survey, design, content development, and event management transcends the barrier of hardware/software. This process traverses the experience of place to arrive in the phenomenological realm, creating all the action in site, both physical and virtual.