Now that it has become difficult to get together in a real place
it is still possible to gather online and engage in social activities as if it is the real space.

Social Distancing Communication Platform.
This is an experimental project that explores new possibilities on online communication in large groups.

As a first test case, we built a prototype based on the motif of a musical event.

The volume changes depending on the distance between you and the other person just like in the real space.
If you get close to the DJ booth, you can hear the music louder, and if you move away from it, the volume will be lower.
You can have a conversation with people near you. On the contrary, you can’t hear people far away.

How will our behavior at online communication change in those experience alike to the one at the real space?

We aim to create a platform that is customizable for a variety of situations
such as music events, virtual office space, social parties, drinking parties, etc.

Next Action

  • 1.Examination of use cases・Development of high quality usability
  • 2.Development of interaction based on conversation analysis using machine learning


  • Creative direction

    Kyle McDonald + Daito Manabe[Rhizomatiks]

  • Frontend engineer

    Kentaro Mito[armsnox]

  • Production Management, UI/UX Design Support

    Hiroyasu Kimura[Rhizomatiks] + Keitaro Shimizu[Rhizomatiks]

  • Technical Support

    Tatsuya Takemasa[Rhizomatiks], Hirofumi Tsukamoto[Rhizomatiks], Hajime Sasaki [Mountposition], 2bit Ishii, Hiroyuki Hori[PAN]


We are looking for development partners and sponsors.
If you are interested, please feel free contact us.
Please let us know your thoughts if your company or organization plan to use the service in the future.