Rhizomatiks is a creative collective that explores new possibilities of technology and artistic expression focusing on experimental projects which involve R&D heavy approach, while executing R&D projects and creation with elaborate research on the relationship between humans and technologies. The team consists of artists, designers and engineers and takes responsibility in every process of the project from hardware and software development to operations. The team keeps presenting cutting-edge works and researches through collaboration with other artists, researchers, and scientists.

Challenging the next level through research and development

Since its foundation in 2006, Rhizomatiks has widened the sphere of its activities and developed comprehensive creative strengths, moving between real and online worlds across fields of media arts, advertising, entertainment,architecture, and urban development. In the process of expanding the range of its activities through numerous projects and collaborations, the company launched three divisions to mark its tenth anniversary: Research, Architecture, and Design in 2016.

As the creative R&D division, the activities of Rhizomatiks Research center on research and development and the pursuit of new forms of artistic expression. Moving freely between art and entertainment, armed with our high-level technical expertise and outstanding artistic expression, we are engaged in almost all of the phase of a project, from planning and development of software and hardware to operations.

With the demands from the society becoming larger in scale, Panoramatiks and Rhizomatiks Research will become Rhizomatiks. By maximizing individual strengths, we will increase the strength of the team, and will continue to bring to society more cutting-edge creative works and research than ever before.


November 26, 2023
Kanazawa Radiance View

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa.

November 12, 2023
Behind The Scene | Syn : Unfolded Horizon of Bodily Senses by Rhizomatiks × ELEVENPLAY 

Mori Building Company, Limited

October 16, 2023
“Syn : Unfolded Horizon of Bodily Senses” by Rhizomatiks × ELEVENPLAY

June 01, 2023
Perfume LIVE 2023 “CODE OF PERFUME” / Primavera Sound 2023



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