under Social Distancing

While keeping relationships and experiences the same even though environment changes drastically,
we do what we can do and build the value in times like these.

Rhizomatiks has supported a variety of clients and collaborated with many artists because of problem-solving skills in the field of business and R&D, challenging attitude in entertainment, academic research, insights into the culture, and a wide range of development abilities, which are our strength.

As we enter an unprecedented era when unique creativity and solutions are urgently needed, what is our role in the phase of social distancing?

From social good web campaigns to cutting-edge AR/VR entertainment experience, we have 15 years of experience in creation as a creative production company.

We believe that real-world experiences and socializing are more important than ever, and we aim to provide a new sense of value to users and fans rather than just implementing real spaces into virtual spaces using existing distribution platforms.

We are currently running an experimental online event calledStaying TOKYOstarting from Friday, April 3rd, 2020, where talks and music will be presented in collaboration with people we have know in the course of our company history. Donations will be made to the WHO as well through the campaign supported by Twitch.

Telepresence art

From the birth of the telephone to the innovation of 5G technology, inspiring artists have always treated new communication technology not only as a means of conversation, but also as a canvas for their work and as paint.
What ideas are needed In the time when video calls using FaceTime and Zoom have become the standard around the world?
Rhizomatiks has integrated real-time broadcasting of live performance and AR technologies for a long time.
In addition to using existing platforms to remotely stream live performances, we work with top creative collaborators to maximize the potential of their performances through real-time graphics, video direction, camera work, and unique AR technology.

New form of collaboration

We may not be able to collaborate as before together in the real space in real-time for a while.
Would a session in a virtual world with avatars as if Second Life be the only answer?
Rhizomatiks designs hardware for collaboration and establishes communications that take into account cases where delays and shooting environments are not ideal, aiming to create an environment where artists can perform at their best, so that directors can maximize their message and story to deliver a visual experience that goes beyond the music video.

Developing communication between
the real city↔the virtual city.

There are a lot of things that we can realize after things have been like this.
Rhizomatiks will work ideas of remote and virtual experiments that have yet to be realized, even though we had ideas, speedily with our imagination and development skills.
We believe that we can do this because our team has worked across a variety of fields, including urban development, national events, online activities and client works.

As event cancellation is expected to be still prolonged, if you're considering a no-spectator live show, a home show, or any other idea that utilizes remote communication, please feel free to contact Rhizomatiks at any time.