Rhizomatiks Research
November 01, 2016
32 "Monocarrier" using ballscrews ,manufactured by NSK Co., Ltd, were installed facing each other. The movement of the viewer holding the baton is sensed, making the rubber string connected to the "Monocarrier" slide smoothly down. The power supply, "Monocarrier", motor driver, and stepping motor are mounted on an aluminum plate unit which are individually controlled from a PC using OSC (Open Sound Control). Infront of the person experiencing the installation is a screen with video footage projected of a man moving whose movement of the baton propogates the "Monocarrier" movement from the back to the front and the viewer's movement propogating the "Monocarrier" from the front to the back.
This work was announced as a new installation at NSK 100th anniversary exhibition "SENSE OF MOTION" held in Minato-ku · spiral garden. It is an ambitious mind that uses industrial products as materials and discovers new attractions.
Concept/Software Programming : Daito Manabe
Concept/Hardware Programming : Motoi Ishibashi
Product Design : Momoko Nishimoto
Craft : Mochizuki Toshitaka
Management : Obata Tomoyo