24 Drone Flight

MagicLab + Rhizomatiks Research
February 09, 2016

Rhizomatiks Research collaborated with NY based artist Marco Tempest to film a 24-drone performance piece. Marco is well-known for his innovative performances that blur the line between technology and magic. Marco travelled to Japan, where he worked in close collaboration with his prior contacts Motoi Ishibashi, Daito Manabe, and their team to create a performance film with elegant and safe drone flight on a scale more ambitious than anything previously seen on a global level. Under the command of a cutting-edge proprietary indoor localization and control system, the drones swarmed around the performer as if they were a flock of well-trained birds.

Art and Technical Direction, Software Development: Daito Manabe
Technical Direction, Drone Development: Motoi Ishibashi
Drone Development: Momoko Nishimoto, Katsuhiko Harada, Tomoaki Yanagisawa, Yoichi Sakamoto
3D Edit: Tatsuya Ishii
Technical Support: Shintaro Kamijo, Muryo Homma, Hideaki Tai
Special Thanks: MIKIKO and ELEVENPLAY
*Only credits for Rhizomatiks Research listed.