Machinedrum – ‘A View Of U’

April 24, 2021
Machinedrum – ‘A View Of U’ (Live Trailer)
Rhizomatiks developed a 4D filming system featuring Kinect Azure that was deployed to film a Machinedrum performance in collaboration with a team based in the U.S. The resulting data was then used to create a new audiovisual work that moved peripatetically back and forth between the real and virtual worlds.

Extant volumetric capture systems were not capable of real-time processing and were encumbered with many redundant elements that required integration with Rhizomatiks’ own Visual System. As such, we developed a new system more suited to Rhizomatiks' expressive modus operandi, melding both real-time and non-real-time processing.

Our proprietary volumetric system offered a number of advantages, such as eliminating the need for greenscreen backdrops and complicated rigging. Moreover, the system also proved readily adaptable to use in live performances in real-life venues after pandemic restrictions were lifted.